Dental and mental health

The link between mental and overall physical health has long been the subject of in-depth research, but no particular focus seems to have been placed on it. If you want to understand how dental health impacts your mental health and vice versa, read on it in the following lines.


Expectations after a dental implant treatment

One of the main goals of Dental Clinic NuriDent has always been to have a high awareness of our current and future patients. Which is why our daily blog article is connected to everything, that you may expect before, during and after one of the most common dental manipulations performed in Dental clinic NuriDent, that being placing basal dental implants.


Are basal implants and bruxism compatible?

If you follow our blog, most certainly you have noticed, that we explore topics that daily come up from our current patients and potential patients. Which is why today we will discuss the topic of bruxism and implantological treatment. Is it possible to undergo a dental implant procedure of placing dental implants if you suffer bruxism? What is bruxism and how can you treat it? You will find the answer in our next article! Enjoy reading!

dental implant

Dental Implants and diabetes. Is it possible?

The most frequently asked question that our patients ask, is ‘We have diabetes, can dental implants be placed? Those of you who have such a problem and look for an answer to the same question, we will most definitely make you happy, because the answer is ‘Yes, they can!’. Why are there other opinions and why we answer positively? Read in the new article.

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