The price list is for general information only. The clinic is not subject to VAT, the prices are net. To receive a treatment plan and an individual offer, please send us a panoramic X-ray. Dr. Nuri will look at it carefully and will contact you within 24 hours.

  • 01 Package prices – Immediate loading dental implants (basal and compression implants) with metal-ceramic construction

    In the NURIDENT Dental Clinic, we offer package prices for the complete treatment of the jaw with basal and compression immediate loading dental implants. We work with Swiss (BioMed) and Italian implants (BasalFix), which are certified according to the European ISO quality standard. The implants are made of polished titanium, which is biocompatible.

    4500 € - 6000 € - immediate loading dental implants (basal and/or compression implants) with a metal-ceramic construction, manufactured in a special laboratory with high quality and aesthetics.

    * The package price refers to the complete treatment of one jaw. If you need fewer implants, we will prepare another individual price offer for you specifically.
    Before you visit us on-site at the NURIDENT Dental Clinic, we offer a free online consultation for the greatest possible comfort of our patients. To create an individual treatment plan for you, please send us a current panoramic X-ray (taken within three months) by e-mail to [email protected]

    The package price includes:
    - Consultation with Dr. Nuri
    - Panoramic X-ray, segmental X-ray and 3D scan in our X-ray room (if required)
    - Treatment plan
    - Smile Design
    - Premedication with a cardiologist internist (if the patient suffers from high blood pressure, arrhythmia, allergies, diabetes or other common diseases)
    - Local anesthesia
    - Tooth extraction (if necessary)
    - Placement of 8-10 implants in the jaw
    - Plastic surgery procedures of soft and hard tissue
    - The impression of the dentition
    - Temporary/provisional teeth (if desired and required by the patient)
    - Final durable construction with the material chosen by the patient and the preferred manufacturing method (from 12 to 14 crowns)
    - Cementation of the construction
    - Control orthopantomograms (x-rays)
    - Check-ups

    What else does the package price include:
    - Transfer from Sofia Airport to Nurident Dental Clinic and Hotel.
    - A translator who speaks your language.
    - Assistance in booking a hotel.
    - Assistance in booking a flight ticket.
    - 24-hour telephone line, through which you can call us at any time.
    - We will provide you with all the necessary documents and invoices for the treatment, which are necessary for reimbursement if you have health insurance.

  • 02 Implantology
    Basal implant
    280 - 500 €
    Classic implant
    280 - 500 €
    Complex case (will be added to the price)
    from 500 to 800 €
    metal-ceramic crown
    150 - 250 €
    Ceramic crown with aesthetic ceramic IPS e.Max
    250 € - 350 €
    Zirconium oxide crown with aesthetic ceramic IPS e.Max
    300 - 400 €
    Temporary/provisional crown
    50 €
  • 03 Tooth extraction
    Tooth extraction
    40 €
    Surgical tooth extraction
    80 €
    Extraction of a wisdom tooth
    Extraction of a retained wisdom tooth
  • 04 Therapy
    Root canal treatment (per canal)
    50 € -70 €
  • 05 Aesthetic procedures
    Professional teeth whitening
  • 06 Dental X-ray laboratory
    Orthopantomogram (panoramic X-ray)
    30 €
    3D scan

Payment methods:

  • Wire tansfer
  • By credit card at the clinic
  • In cash

   Since 70% of the treatment is completed on the first day, we require that 70% of the total amount should be paid during the first visit. It is desirable for it to be paid during the first visit day of the treatment after the consultation with Dr Nuri. The remaining 30% can be paid during or at the end of the visit (if the patient is having only one visit) or during the second visit (if the patient is having two visits). The affordable prices of our services allow each patient to obtain high-quality treatment. The pleasant atmosphere atNURIDENT, as well as the warm and welcoming staff, are just a few of the things you will experience when you cross the threshold of NURIDENT. The patient can count on us throughout their stay in Sofia. All patients who have put their trust in our dental team are satisfied with the result and are delighted with the clinic and their stay in Bulgaria. Every patient is a dear guest to us. It is a matter of honour for us since the patient has trusted us to leave the clinic happy and smiling.

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