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Treatment under ‘medical sleep’

How it is possible to ‘sleep’ and wake up with a completely new smile?

Daily we meet with patients, who share with us their deep fear of the dental chair and how many years pass until they decide to visit us. And the only reason for them to come to us, most certainly has nothing to do with overcoming their fear, but the fact that the situation has become unbearable and they do not have another option. Is it necessary though for the situation to reach such an unpleasant level, or sometimes even painful experience, before you take care of yourself or is there another option, in which you will feel at complete peace during the treatment? Read in the new article!

A few weeks ago, in one of our articles we gave valuable advice for the ones of you who feel worry and anxiety before going to the dentist. If you follow the recommendations despite the fear freezing up your mind, let us reassure you, there is a solution for you- sedation.

What is sedation and by which specialist is it performed?

There are two types of sedations, inhalation and intravenous.
In Dental Clinic NuriDent we perform only intravenous sedation, due to doses being much more precise, which minimizes the risk from dysfunctional of respiratory and cardiovascular system. Sedation is an anesthesia procedure in which sedative drugs are induced into the patient’s bloodstream by a specialist anesthesiologist, as we have in Dental Clinic NuriDent.

During the sedation, the patient is in complete peace bordering with sleep. After this type of anesthesia, the patient does not have any recollection of the procedure, and the recovery is quick. By itself sedation does not anesthetize the patient, which is why a combination of anesthesia’s are used with the local anesthesia. During the so called ‘medical sleep’ the patient retains all the vital reflexes and functions of the body. The patient can respond to the request of the attending dentist under the guidance of a specialist anesthesiologist and can easily be introduced into this condition and just as easily they can get out of it. The sedation is safe and without any risks, only if it is performed by experienced and qualified specialist!

How should I prepare myself before the sedation?

You are only required to follow the instructions given to you by our specialists, who will explain everything related to sedation on the spot. Before the planning of your appointed manipulation, a specialized anesthesiologist and cardiologist will take a detailed history of your general health, and from there they will decide whether they need any additional research. Our team of dental and humane doctors will be with you during the whole manipulations and will track absolutely everything connected to your health condition.
Sedation does not disturb your normal rhythm of life, but in the day of the procedure it is recommended that you take a break and limit yourself from driving and operating heavy machinery. We also recommend that you increase your liquid intake after the manipulation.

Are there any contradictions to the use of sedation?

Just like any procedure, sedation also has its contradictions. Sedation is not suitable for patients with epilepsy, children under four years of age, pregnant women, patients with craniocerebral trauma, or patients with allergies towards any of the drugs used in this type of procedure.

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