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Why caries must be treated on time?

What are the consequences of untreated caries?

What it can lead to by one not taking a modern decision and why caries from something completely harmless can become a dangerous problem? The answers to these questions, you can find in the next article.

What is caries and what are they caused by?

Caries is one of the most common dental diseases. Statistics show that 95% of the population suffers from frequent acid attacks. This extracts calcium ions from the enamel and subsequently decomposes its crystalline structure. If the loss of mineral is bigger than the remineralization, the hard tissues of the tooth can crumble irreversibly, and a carious lesion can form.

What are the symptoms in the presence of caries and why NOT to postpone a visit to your dental doctor?

Symptomatology in the presence of caries is diverse and depends directly on the stage of its course.
Imperative- the change in color of the enamel and the transparency of the tooth.
Consequent- pain from irritants such as sweet, cold, warm, bad breath and bleeding gums

How to prevent tooth decay?

The most important role in preventing tooth decay is making sure you have regular check-ups at your local dentist. It is necessary to visit your dentist twice a year for control check-ups and for cleaning the built-up tartar and plaque. The tooth plaque most frequently is located where there is harder access when washing the teeth with a toothbrush. If the tooth surface is not cleaned frequently, the built-up of microorganism and bacteria in the mouth is inevitable.
The frequent consummation of sweet foods and drinks is also extremely bad for your teeth. The microorganism processes the sugars to acids, which break down the mineral tissues of the teeth.
Due to this, the acid level increases in the oral cavity, which usually is around 7 pH.

Why you should treat caries on time and what complications this can lead to?

If the caries is not treated on time and the problem is neglected, this may lead to pulpit, periodontitis, absence of the bone and other.
Pulpits is the inflammatory disease of the tooth, which will either cause great pain or none at all. If we do not pay attention on time, the pulpit can progress into periodontitis, which in most cases leads to the extraction of the tooth.
Periodontitis is a treatable condition, but the percentage of lost teeth due to periodontitis is greater.

In the presence of granulomas and cysts, this can lead to surgical involvement, medical conditions such as absence and phlegmon, sometimes require hospital admission.
Treatment of tooth caries, in most cases, takes up to 1 hour and is completed in one visit. Pulpit and periodontitis require two or three visits, sometimes up to 5-6 visits. After one tooth has had root canal treatment (infected pulp is removed), its survival in the oral cavity is reduced if it is compared to a healthy tooth. This means that in a given phase the tooth will be extracted, in its place, there will be a bridge or a dental implant.
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