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Today, tourists are looking for financially affordable services, but also quality and safety for their dental care. This type of tourism is widespread in many countries of the world. Bulgaria is one of the destinations of European dental tourism. More and more Europeans have the tendency to take care of their teeth at an affordable price in Bulgaria, without neglecting quality. Some citizens of other countries such as the United States and Canada choose Bulgaria as the destination to treat their teeth.

The accessible movement between the countries of the EU facilitates this type of tourism.

The policy of the NURIDENT clinic is based on trust between the patient and the dental team for more than 20 years. Patient confidence is the most important factor that determines the success of individual treatment.


Complete and send the patient profile form and if possible, send a panoramic (OPG) x-ray and a picture of your smile, for consultation with NURIDENT specialists.


Preparation and sending via e-mail of treatment plan by the dentists of NURIDENT.


Confirmation of the treatment plan by the patient and if necessary conducting a second consultation by the dentists of NURIDENT.


Coordinate with the clinic NURIDENT your arrival in Sofia and send the reservation of the plane ticket via email.


After arriving at the airport the patient is expected by our French or English partner and he is taken to his hotel or the clinic.


During the treatment stay, all the return trips from the hotel to the clinic are on the responsibility of NURIDENT clinic, the patient is always accompanied by an interpreter.

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Consultation and determination of a treatment plan after a panoramic X-ray sent in advance by email.

Services provided about your stay in Sofia:

  • Proposal for the hotel reservations.
  • Airport welcoming and transfer to the hotel.
  • Transfer from the hotel to the clinic on the day of manipulation.
  • Interpretation at any time at the clinic, in Bulgarian, French, English, Italian, Greek, Arabic, and Persian.
  • Delivery of documents and invoices that justify the treatment according to European standards, this will allow a partial reimbursement by health insurance.

The clinic has five fully equipped dental offices, an X-ray cabinet, and a dental laboratory. This guarantees a minimal processing time with fast and durable solutions. In three days we assure you a wonderful and functional smile forever.

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