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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

when can it be of use?

In Dental Clinic NuriDent, we love to help and see our patients enjoy the smiles they have always dreamed of; therefore, we aim to provide the highest quality service. In this article, we will inform you of different possible aesthetic dental problems and the solutions that will fix them.

1.Broken tooth-

An extremely uncomfortable situation, however, it can happen to anyone. Imagine biting something a bit harder than usual, and all the sudden, a piece of your tooth is chipped. Do not be worried; this is fixable.
What can you do in such a situation?

• Bonding-

The procedure of ‘bonding’ restores the broken/chipped part of the tooth, in most cases, this is the cutting edge of the front tooth, crack, stain, change in the form, lengthening of the clinical crown or respectively the whole tooth length.
Bonding is usually the preferred manipulation, due to its conservatism and the micro invasions involved. The main and leading factor is that in most cases there is no need for any filing from the healthy tooth tissue, except for any carious mass.

• Veneers-

Porcelain veneers are extremely thin (only 0,3mm), and they are used for changing the form/shape, colour, size and the symmetry of the teeth and smile. The smile is achieved with an aesthetic result. After the minimal filing of the tooth, the veneers are cemented onto the front surface of the tooth. The porcelain is a commonly preferred material, due to it being the most aesthetical replicate of the human enamel.

•Dental Crowns-

The tooth crown recreates the natural dental autonomy, enveloping the whole visible part of the tooth while restoring the form, size, strength, and external appearance. The tooth crown can be made of different materials: metal, ceramics, zirconium, ceramic crown with aesthetic ceramic IPS e.Max, zirconium crowns with aesthetic ceramic IPS e.Max.

2.Slight rotations of the teeth-

The slight distortions can successfully be impacted by the placing of the veneers, which can restore the aesthetic in the dentition. Additionally, orthodontic treatment can be performed; however, this requires a longer time for it to be completed correctly.

3.Distance between teeth (diastema)-

The distance between the teeth is a very common problem, the best solution for this is orthodontic treatment, but as we mentioned, this requires a more extended period. This is when the patient can take advantage of placing veneers on top of the teeth, or an even more accessible method is performing a bonding procedure, as mentioned earlier in the article.

4.Coloured teeth-

Teeth whitening procedures come in handy in such situations. If you want to shine with a fresh white smile, it is necessary for the patient to receive professional teeth whitening. With some patients, this is necessary due to the changing of their natural colour, this can happen because of the frequent use of tobacco products, colouring foods, and drinks etc. More about teeth whitening procedures you can find out here.

5.Tooth Caries-

Tooth caries is the most common tooth disease in our society. This destroys the hard tooth tissues due to frequent acid attacks; this leads to the extraction of calcium ions from the enamel and subsequently decomposes the crystal structure. For the restoration of the form and strength of the tooth, the most common way for filling in the caries lesions, we use composting materials, this is because they give an extremely aesthetic and natural look. Their benefits include- the dentist can precisely choose the most suitable colour, which will match the natural tooth colour.


Tooth tartar is mineralized tooth plaque. The extracorporeal tooth tartar builds up in the area around the opening of the salivary glands, also the lingual (of the tongue) surfaces of the lower front teeth, on the external (buccal) surfaces of the upper 1st and 2nd molar, the most distant surface and the last molars. The rough surfaces are an ideal place for containing microbes, and its porous structure makes it a holder for bacterial toxins and antigens. It is a constant source of inflammation and gingivitis, which is why it is advisable for it to be cleaned twice per year, and not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a health and prophylactic perspective.

7.Squeaking of the teeth-

Quite often people do not notice that they grind their teeth during their sleep; however, the dental specialist can quite easily notice this fact, this is shown by the crown on the tooth which becomes very worn out. If you have a similar problem, it is good to get consulted by your dentist; this will allow him to decide the best method for restoring the aesthetic of the tooth. After that, construction of silicone brace will be made; this will prevent future discomfort.

8.Missing tooth-

There are clinical cases in which a specific tooth cannot be saved, and an extraction is necessary. However, there is a solution- dental implants. Through dental implant, we can replace one or more roots of the missing tooth, and after that we put a prosthetic with crowns, leading to a restored masticatory function and good aesthetic.

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