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Dental Implants and diabetes. Is it possible?

The most frequently asked question that our patients ask, is ‘We have diabetes, can dental implants be placed? Those of you who have such a problem and look for an answer to the same question, we will most definitely make you happy, because the answer is ‘Yes, they can!’. Why are there other opinions and why we answer positively? Read in the new article.


Treatment under ‘medical sleep’

Daily we meet with patients, who share with us their deep fear of the dental chair and how many years pass until they decide to visit us. And the only reason for them to come to us, most certainly has nothing to do with overcoming their fear, but the fact that the situation has become unbearable and they do not have another option. Is it necessary though for the situation to reach such an unpleasant level, or sometimes even painful experience, before you take care of yourself or is there another option, in which you will feel at complete peace during the treatment? Read in the new article!


A personal dentist? What is it?

Every responsible person has a good GP, who will keep track of your health status and assist if any health problems occur along the way. Do you have the same attitude towards your oral health and is it important to have a personal dentist? Read in this article.

dental implant

Concomitant diseases and dental treatment

Our observations point to the conclusion that people are more likely to look at the oral cavity as a separate part of the body. Although in dentistry the focus is more closely concentrated on the head and the neck, of couse the rest of the body is extremly important for all the organs to ‘work’ in interacting and influencing eachother. Why it is important to report to your treating doctor everything related to your general health before you start dental treatment? Read in this new article.

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