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Concomitant diseases and dental treatment

Why is it important not to spare any information from your dentist when taking a medical history?

Our observations point to the conclusion that people are more likely to look at the oral cavity as a separate part of the body. Although in dentistry the focus is more closely concentrated on the head and the neck, of couse the rest of the body is extremly important for all the organs to ‘work’ in interacting and influencing eachother. Why it is important to report to your treating doctor everything related to your general health before you start dental treatment? Read in this new article.

When visiting a new dentist you will be asked to fill a formula with a question, in which you will have to fill out your medical history up to current date, including medicaments which you take and also you will need to fill out harmful habits that you may have (an example could be smoking of tobacco products, intake of alcohol and other harmful substances to the organism). We recommend that you answer every question with precision and not downplaying even the smallest detail because this information is extremely important for the successful and safe course of your future dental manipulations.

A big part of the medicine which you take or have taken in the past can impact your oral health and the future dental treatment, which is why we advise for full detail and honest when communicating with your dentist.

Many medicaments can cause dryness in the mouth as a side effect. The dryness in the mouth is more than a discomfort. It can lead to more serious dental problems like caries or disease of the gums. Additionally, dryness in the mouth predisposes to the formation of wounds and ulcers.

Other medicine may eff bone density and wound healing or heavy bleeding during manipulation (if the patient is taking vasodilators), which can be very dangerous for patients who have a forthcoming operation. Based on your current health condition, the dentist can appoint a consultation with another specialist, for them to be sure what therapy you may be prescribed in the future.

If you share with your dentist the medicine that you intake, it will be easier to establish the exact cause for the current problems you may have in the oral cavity.

- Your medicaments directly influence our medicaments.

Nearly every dental treatment requires constant anaesthesia, in order for the patient to feel maximum comfort during the procedure. And how do we chose the type of anaesthesia? Depending on the full health condition of the patient. The products in the anaesthesia injection may impact the medication that you are taking. Which is why you should not spare us any information, even small details, in order to lower the risk of any complications.

Sometimes it is necessary to prescribe medicine therapy, after the completion of the treatment. The medicine which we prescribe can directly impact the medicine you are currently taking if you do not inform us about it. For example, antibiotics can change the effect of contraceptive pills, and other medications can impact antibiotics duty.

It is mandatory that the treating doctor must know the name of the medicine/s, which you voluntarily intake for them to be sure that you will not suffer from any negative side effects or consequences.

Do not forget, that your health is first and foremost in your hands, and if you allow us we will take care of your health in the best possible way! Our mission if to help!

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