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Dr. S. M. Nuri

Implantologist and team Leader

Dr. S.M. Nuri is the owner and manager of the NURIDENT International Dental Implant Center.
Born in Iran, Ahwaz, Dr. Nuri chose to stay in Bulgaria, where he has lived since 1993. In 1999 he graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Plovdiv. “For me, medicine is not only a job! It’s a vocation, a mission, a dream come true. What better than making someone smile again after years of embarrassment and anxiety? You can't even imagine what it means to me when patients tell us through tears of joy that for the first time, they like the person who smiles back at them in the mirror ...”- says Dr. Nuri.
This makes him focus on implantology as well as founding NURIDENT dental clinic, where he has achieved a remarkable 19 years of private practice and has placed over 30,000 dental implants in Bulgaria and abroad. Dr. Nuri is a member of the Bulgarian Dental Union and the Bulgarian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.
He has obtained several postgraduate qualifications in Bulgaria and abroad, including the highest qualification from the International Academy of Cortical Implantology I.A.C.I. (Rome, Italy) - Lecturer in Basal Implantology. Dr. Nuri received a master’s degree in Basal Implantology from the IF Foundation of Knowledge (Munich / Germany) and the International Academy of Cortical Implantology I.A.C.I. (Rome, Italy). He participates in several dental symposiums and congresses not only in Bulgaria but also abroad, thus gaining the trust of patients from all over the world.
Dedicated to his patients, they describe him as an extremely good and flawless specialist who has the most important quality for a doctor - morale and most of all his long experience in the field of implantology. Dr. Nuri handles every problem with care, pays attention to the smallest detail. New patient smiles are his greatest gift.

“I’m so happy when patients tell me that they eat normally and can eat again all types of food. At first, it looks simple but only a person who has dealt with this type of problem can understand. The trust I see in their eyes cannot be replaced by any other feeling. Patients from all over the world come at the clinic, that have tried all types of unsuccessful methods and in only three days they can smile again. And these smiles are so valuable…”- says Dr. Nuri
Discover all the qualifications of Dr. S. Majid Nuri


Classical Implantology
- Basic and complex implantology therapy (Straumann – Switzerland)
- Advanced courses in implantology, sinus lift, and augmentation- Neo-Biotech (Dr. Yang Ku Heo – South Korea)
- Dental Implants – Titanium Fix – Brasil

Basal Implants

- Basal Implantology Lecturer – International Academy of Cortical Implantology (Rome, Italy)
- Master in immediate basal dental implantology – International Academy of Cortical Implantology (Rome, Italy)
- Master in immediate basal dental implantology - IF Foundation of Knowledge (Munich/Germany)
- Bone physiology and choice of implant locations (4D – implantology) – International Implant Foundation
- Certificate to use MONOIMPLANT products – MONOIMPLANT
- Introduction into basal implantology & Immediate loading - International Implant Foundation
- Advanced Educational Course of Implantology and GBR – Global Academy of Osteointegration
- Basal Implantology & Immediate Loading - International Implant Foundation
- Principles of Basal osseointegration, Surgery and prosthetics, Treatment planning – International Implant Foundation
- Basic and complex implantology therapy – Ultra Dental
- Practical live courses for placement of basal implants

Aesthetic dentistry
- The art and science of direct composite restorations - AXIS BULGARIA COSMEDENT
- The Ultimate Bonding Experience Composite Hands-On – AXIS BULGARIA COS-MEDENT
- CAD/CAM The Revolution in aesthetic dentistry – Bulgarian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

► Invisalign
► Ortho – T
► Clear Aligner

Cosmetic Dentistry

- Master Class Plasmolifting in Stomatology – Plasmolifting tm
- Plasmolifting in Trichology


Dr Ivaylo Pashov

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Ivaylo Pashov graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University - Sofia. Later, he acquired a specialty "Oral Surgery", with a training base - Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Maxillofacial Surgery. A third-generation doctor, Dr. Pashov continues his family's mission with responsibility. He said that medicine should not be called "work" for him. It is a calling and a debt that you are born with. In addition to oral surgery, Dr. Pashov adores symmetry, so he specializes in the placement of fillers and Botox. In a short while, proving his skills, he became a lecturer at Teoxane Laboratories for the placement of facial fillers.
Dr. Pashov also attends several postgraduate courses, one of which is a one-year dental implant training course at the Medical University of Varna.
Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union.
Member of the Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in Bulgaria
Member of the European Association of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery – EACMFS
Member of the Global Association of Dental Professionals – ITI


Dr Ward Khatib


If we only must use three words to introduce you to Dr. Ward Khatib, they will surely be - professionalism, calmness, and diplomacy. Our patients adore him, and he adores them. He smiles at them often, always taking care of their comfort and most importantly, being precise in the small details that matter most for the result.
Dr. Khatib graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia. He is interested in various fields of dental medicine - therapy, prosthetic restorations, oral surgery, and implantology.
During his student years, he attended courses and congresses related to maxillofacial surgery, and after a difficult selection of candidates, he is currently improving his skills at the prestigious private clinic Obach Solothurn, Switzerland.
Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union.


Dr Georgi Stoyanov


Dr. Georgi Stoyanov holds a master's degree in dentistry from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Medical University of Sofia. His interests are focused on aesthetics, prosthetics, and periodontal dentistry.
He is specialized in laser and CAD / CAM technologies. Diligent, cooperative, and positive, Dr. Stoyanov is always ready to help any patient who wants to take care of his health and smile. Dr. Stoyanov cares about aesthetics and he does everything to achieve the desired results. Due to his desire for continuous self-improvement, he takes part in a number of postgraduate courses.
Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union.


Dr Georgi Stoilov


Always charming, positive and caring, Dr. Georgi Stoilov easily wins the trust of patients. According to him, in the first place, a good doctor needs to be supportive, honest and compassionate. Graduating from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia, Dr. Stoilov believes that with much hard work and dedication that, with each passing day, he approaches his mission to help people more and more.
His interests are in implantology, oral surgery, and orthodontics. And his continued pursuit of professional recognition has led him to attend several postgraduate courses.
Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union.


Dr Nadezhda Tzankova


Dr. Nadezhda Tsankova graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia. She finds herself in medicine and feels real satisfaction in helping anyone who takes care of his health. She pays attention to every detail, and her pursuit of perfection is the most important quality she possesses. Our patients describe her as an extremely dedicated specialist and a person who is always determined to do her best.
Dr. Tzankova's interests are focused on surgery and implantology. And because of her continuous pursuit of excellence, she attends several postgraduate courses.
Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union.


Dr Veselina Vangelova


For her, the word "medicine" is a synonym to dedication. She loves what she does and strives to do her best. Dr. Veselina Vangelova graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia. According to her, the most important qualities that a doctor must possess are honesty and honesty towards the patients in order to be able to find the best and most appropriate solution to any existing problem.
Accurate and attentive, she focuses her interests in aesthetic restoration, therapy, prosthetics, and endodontic treatments. In order to be even better at what she does, she attends several postgraduate courses.
Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union.




Moji, Vessi, Bonnie, Viva, Sneji and Iva - our wonderful dental assistants, who always perform their tasks with the highest level of professionalism and who alwazs try to help our patients to overcome their fear of the dental chair.


Inzhihan Aliyeva

X-ray Laboratory Assistant

X-ray Laboratory Assistant Inzhihan Aliyeva graduated from the Medical University of Pleven. After completing her training, she specialized in one of the largest hospitals, including Tokuda Hospital. She says for herself that she no longer remembers exactly how many radiographs she has done, but there are certainly many. This is what confirms her as a capable and great specialist because a good x-ray is 50% of good treatment.
Resourceful and dedicated, she is ready to care for and assist every patient, applying her professional safety knowledge during an X-ray.
Member of the Bulgarian Association of Health Care Professionals.


Pavlina Vladimirova


Pavlina graduated from the University of National and World Economy with a major in Macroeconomics and Finance.
Polly, as we often call her, is the link between the patient and doctor. She is extremely radiant, carries a lifelong temperament and a memorable presence. Patients tell us that her radiance is beautifully complemented by qualities such as responsiveness, sincerity, and responsibility.
One of her main responsibilities at NURIDENT Clinic is the care and comfort of our patients before, during and after their treatment, seeking to be fully informed of any details regarding their forthcoming procedures.


Phillip Ryan

Customer service

Philip provides the comfort of our patients during their stay in Sofia, Bulgaria. He speaks English, Arabic, and Bulgarian. He will pick you up from the airport and will also drive you between the clinic and your hotel during the whole period of treatment in Sofia, and at the end of your tour he will pick you up at the airport.

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