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Classic dental implants are two-piece implants (consisting of a titanium screw and an abutment) invented to replace one or more missing teeth. This type of implants is placed into the soft (spongy) jawbone. With that in mind, the most important requirement for the placement of classic implants is the existence of a sufficient volume of the bone in a vertical direction. If this is not the case, a bone augmentation will be necessary along with a sinus lift, which is also needed in most cases. Such procedures take time, and the treatment itself can last for more than a year. Once the classic implants are placed, the patient must wait for at least 6 months (upper jaw) and 3 months (lower jaw), before the treatment continues. After the osseointegration, the gum has to be cut once again and a gingiva former will be inserted temporarily for 10-14 days before the abutment can be placed onto the titanium screw.

classic implant

At the next visit, the abutment will be removed, implantologists will take the impression, and the abutment returns to the implant. The patient will come for the last time to trim and cement the structure. Regular prophylactic examinations and good oral hygiene are required. In patients living abroad, treatment is difficult because the patients must come several times for the different stages of treatment. Classic implants are not suitable for cases of bone atrophy.

classic implant
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