dental care

Emergency dental care

Often, in the presence of a sudden dental problem, we go for painkillers, postpone or neglect the situation, not realizing what consequences this may have for our oral and general health. Therefore, it is crucial whether you can determine what kind of situation you are facing at the moment - an emergency, in which you should seek dental care immediately or one whose treatment you can plan in time.


Gum diseases

Studies show that at least 50% of the world's adult population suffers from gingivitis, which is one of the most common gum diseases. Two out of three patients do not take the appropriate measures to stop the development of the infection and it later develops into periodontitis. How to deal with it? Read in our new article.


Help - bad breath!

Bad breath is a common problem that many people struggle with, and the causes can be very different. And is there a permanent solution to eliminate it? Try these easy recommendations to feel fresh all day long.


Possible risks of dental implants

Dental implants have become an indispensable part of modern dentistry. Carefully planned and competently carried out, they represent a particularly high-quality form of dental prosthesis provision and give many patients a new quality of life. Nevertheless, implantation is and remains a surgical procedure that is also associated with a few risks. You can read about these risks in today's article.

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