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Covid 19 and oral health

The infectious disease COVID-19 was first identified in Wuhan, China, in 2019, and soon its spread was declared a global pandemic, which continues to this day. Since the advent of the coronavirus, thousands of healthcare institutions and scientists have joined forces to study in detail the ways of treatment and its interaction with all organs and systems in the human body. Today we will focus on the relationship between COVID-19 and oral health. What is it and does it exist at all? Read in our new article.


Gingival smile

Healthy gums are essential for the beauty of your smile. We can call a smile "gingival" if the proportion of gums that are displayed when smiling is about 3-4 mm in women and 2 mm in men. And also, when the teeth are covered with too much gingival tissue (gums), which makes them look short. What are the causes of this problem and is there a solution to it? Read in our new article.


Sensitive teeth

Almost all of us have experienced moderate or severe discomfort associated with the ingestion of cold, hot, and acidic foods and drinks. What is the nature of this pain and how can it be treated? Read in our new article.


Dental aligners

Dental aligners are almost invisible, easy to clean, and comfortable to wear. What makes them so amazing and how can you achieve the Hollywood smile of your dreams through them? Read in our new blog article.

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