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Teeth Whitening

What is teeth-whitening?

What is teeth whitening? Is the procedure dangerous? How do the teeth-whitening systems work? What causes teeth colouring? Do teeth- whitening procedures change the colour of artificial tooth restorations (veneers, fillings, crowns, composite restorations)? Find the answers to these questions here.

Is it dangerous to whiten your teeth professionally?

Whitening of the teeth has turned to one of the most popular aesthetical dental manipulations. Snow White smiles have set to something very admirable by the people around you. It also shows that you have a healthy lifestyle and a high social status.
Whether teeth whitening is safe, you can find out more in this article.

How do the teeth-whitening systems work?

There are many different teeth-whitening systems- professional whitening at the dental clinic, which is performed by the dentist and home teeth-whitening system with special braces made in a laboratory, after taking samples of the patients’ teeth. The pair have a special whitening gel which performs the whitening of the teeth.
To achieve the whitening effect of the teeth, we use a whitening agent (urea peroxide). It reacts with water, and it creates hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel, and it whitens the dark blemishes of the dentine.

What causes the teeth to color?

The colouring of the teeth depends on many factors- from genetic influence to the frequent use of foods and drinks which are stable in colour (coffee, coke, dark teas, beets, turmeric, red wine etc.), additionally, from overusing tobacco products. In some cases, the colouring of teeth can be caused by medical treatment.

Are professional teeth whitening procedures dangerous?

Teeth whitening procedures at the dental clinic are performed with chemicals (bleaching agents), and lamps which are FDA approved (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), which guarantees the safety of the patient during and after the procedure. This, however, does not apply to a large portion of the whitening products, which can be bought freely from the commercial market.
For the procedure to be performed safely, the whitening of the teeth needs to be performed by a qualified dentist, who will create an individual treatment plan and will decide whether the teeth are suitable for such a procedure.
Home teeth-whitening procedures, which are prescribed by your dentist, are also safe for your health, just as much as the ones performed in the dental cabinet.
We recommend you, not to try any teeth-whitening methods, which are not recommended by your dentist (for example teeth-whitening with lemon, baking soda, charcoal, etc.)
Whitening of the teeth can have a contrary effect to people who have multiple caries; diseases connected to the underdevelopment of tooth tissues (stains, defects and other non-carious lesions of the tooth); diseases of the gum; decreased oral hygiene of the oral cavity; pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Do teeth-whitening procedures change the colour of any artificial tooth restorations (veneers, crowns, fillings, composite restorations)?

No. Artificial tooth restorations do not succumb to whitening. We recommend you have the teeth whitening procedures done and then the artificial repairs can be made in the ending colour result, as the natural teeth (after the whitening).

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