Wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth are named because of the age at which they grow up in the oral cavity - between 17 and 24 years (years of wisdom). "What are they?", "Do they have to be removed?", "Is there pain during the procedure?" and many more questions and answers related to them, read in our new article


Gingival smile

Healthy gums are essential for the beauty of your smile. We can call a smile "gingival" if the proportion of gums that are displayed when smiling is about 3-4 mm in women and 2 mm in men. And also, when the teeth are covered with too much gingival tissue (gums), which makes them look short. What are the causes of this problem and is there a solution to it? Read in our new article.


Orthodontic treatment

Treatment with braces is the most preferred alternative by dentists and patients for straightening the teeth. In this way, the smile becomes perfectly straight, beautiful, and radiant. What are the basics that you need to know about braces treatment? Read in our new article.


Tooth extraction

After removing one or more teeth, there are several important recommendations that every patient must strictly follow in order to achieve a smooth recovery. What are they? Read in our next blog article.

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