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Dental implant treatment in Sofia (part 3)

All about dental tourism in Bulgaria

Due to the great interest in our series on dental tourism in Sofia, we at Nurident have decided to delight our future patients with another reading in which we exchange useful information about currency, transport, restaurants and also mention where you can enjoy a pleasant shopping therapy. You can read all this in our new article.

What is the currency in Bulgaria?

The currency in Bulgaria is BGN. We recommend that you exchange your money for your stay in Sofia in your home country or pay by cardon site. If you still haven't exchanged money before you arrive in Sofia, you can do so here at the Bulgarian National Bank or at any exchange office. You should always pay close attention to the exchange rate though.

What mode of transportation can you use in Sofia?

The city of Sofia has buses, trolley buses, trams, and public metro.
We recommend that you download the app "Moove it", where you can set the start and end destinations. This app in turn shows you the exact route and type of public transport you can use to get from one place to another.
The Sofia metro has 4 lines and a total length of 48 km. Here you can see all 43 metro stations and to which destination they take you.

Which taxis should you use in Sofia?

In addition to public transport, Sofia of course has taxis. There are dozens of taxi companies that transport passengers at different prices. What are the normal prices? The normal average rate during the day in Sofia is between 0.57 and 0.79 BGN and the night rate is between 0.68 and 0.90 BGN. Prices above 1 BGN are NOT normal. On the windscreen of each taxi you will see a sticker with prices which you should pay attention to. There should NOT be any amount written above 0,90 BGN.

What and where should you eat in Sofia?

In Sofia there is an extremely wide choice of good restaurants where you will certainly indulge your senses:

Bulgarian cuisine:

In this type of restaurants, you can enjoy delicious traditional Bulgarian dishes such as banitsa, shopska salad, Bulgarian cold soup - tarator, tripe soup, cabbage or vine leaves, casserole, stuffed peppers, moussaka, porridge, kavarma, patatnik, ogreten, zelnik, yoghurt, Bulgarian lyutenitsa, milk with rice and others.

Traditional Bulgarian restaurants which we recommend:

Мома – Moma Location
Таверна Хаджидрагана – Taverne Hadjidragana Location
Манастирска Магерница – Manastirska Magernitza Location
Хаджидрагановите къщи – Hadjidraganovite Kushti Location
Чевермето – Chewermeto Location

International cuisine:

Happy bar and grill – international cuisineLocation: Location
(Dieses Restaurant hat mehrere Standorte)
Ресторанти Щастливеца – Restaurants „The Lucky One“/Schtastliwetza – international cuisine Location
Made in blue – modern European cuisine Location
Taj Mahal Restaurant – Indian cuisine Location
Annette – Maroccan cuisine Location
L'etranger restaurant – French cuisine Location
Die Alte Lampe - German beer garden "Lanterns" – German cuisine Location
Spaghetti Kitchen – Italian cuisineLocation
Umami – Japanese cuisineLocation

Where could you go shopping in Sofia?

If you want to indulge in shopping therapy, here are some places to visit. In these shopping centres you will find a variety of world brands of clothing, electronics, interior design, cosmetics and much more.
Paradise Center Location
The Mall –Location
Sofia Ring Mall -Location
And if you all want to "take a piece of Bulgaria with you", you can buy interesting souvenirs and various items from the traditional Bulgarian way of life.
Balkansko Vitosha - Location

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