Dental Implants or dentures

Dental Implants or dentures-What should we choose?

In which aspects is the smile important- just for an aesthetic point of view or from a health point of view? Loss of a tooth or more than one tooth, or all teeth can lead to many different consequences- aesthetic, but mostly physiological. What can you do, to enjoy your wonderful smile? Modern dentistry offers two options, in which you can restore your smile- removable dentures or dental implants. Which option should you choose?

dental implant

Dental Implants - Everything You Need to Know! (Part 1)

In this series of articles, you will find detailed information about the placement of dental implants. The earliest evidence of the use of dental implants dates back to 2000 BC, in the civilization of ancient China. They gave a suitable shape to bamboo twigs and then replaced the missing teeth with them. The first recorded case of a replaced tooth with a dental implant made of metal came from the body of an Egyptian king who lived about 1,000 years before the new era...

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