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Concomitant diseases and dental treatment

Our observations point to the conclusion that people are more likely to look at the oral cavity as a separate part of the body. Although in dentistry the focus is more closely concentrated on the head and the neck, of couse the rest of the body is extremly important for all the organs to ‘work’ in interacting and influencing eachother. Why it is important to report to your treating doctor everything related to your general health before you start dental treatment? Read in this new article.


Dental implant prices in different countries

Before every dental implant treatment, each patient selects at least 3 dental clinics where they enquire about the prices for dental implants. For the most part, it is a global study as the price range for dental implants sometimes varies dramatically. How much would it cost you to get a completely new smile in different countries? Find the answer in our new article.

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Dental implant treatment in Sofia (part 3)

Due to the great interest in our series on dental tourism in Sofia, we at Nurident have decided to delight our future patients with another reading in which we exchange useful information about currency, transport, restaurants and also mention where you can enjoy a pleasant shopping therapy. You can read all this in our new article.

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