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Dental Treatment and Covid-19

Why is it safe to visit us during a pandemic?

The global Covid 19 pandemic has severely restricted access to seemingly normal services, including dental treatment. A number of dental practices closed or worked with fewer staff and reduced working hours, and people began to worry about their safety when they visited a place other than their home. Is there a reason to be afraid to seek dental help during a pandemic and why is it safe to visit Nurident Dental Clinic? Read in our new article.

At Nurident Dental Clinic we take the global pandemic very seriously and responsibly, so we have taken even more serious precautions to minimize the spread of Covid 19 in our sites:


- Wearing a protective mask is mandatory for both employees and our patients who are in common areas.

- All manipulations and interventions in Nurident are performed only after a pre-booked time to minimize the accumulation of patients.

- Non-contact disinfectants for hand disinfection. You will find them at the entrance of each of our sites.

- The area available at Nurident Clinic is large enough to provide a distance of 2 m between patients in the common areas.

- Mandatory measurement of the body temperature of each patient, upon entering the site, with a non-contact thermometer.

- In Nurident Clinic we use a special machine for air disinfection.

- Thorough disinfection, cleaning and ventilation of medical practice after each patient.

- Cleaning of all surfaces in the clinic with disinfectant every 2 hours.

- Hourly ventilation of common areas.

- Possibility for contactless payment.

- Additional protection for our medical staff with special work clothes.

- Our marketing team works in a separate building to minimize the number of people that our patients will physically meet in our dental facilities.

- Daily measurement of the body temperature of each employee before performing the work tasks.


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