Electric or ordinary toothbrush?

Electric or ordinary toothbrush?

Which is more effective?

Brushing your teeth is the basis of good oral hygiene and the most important habit to prevent future dental problems. Does it matter, however, what toothbrush you use or are they all effective enough? These and many other questions will be answered in our new article. Enjoy reading!

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), both electric and hand-held toothbrushes are effective enough in removing plaque, as long as they are used properly.

Which brush to choose? The answer is simple - it depends on what your personal needs are. Therefore, in the following lines, we will try to list many of the advantages and disadvantages of electric and manual toothbrushes to help you make the most informed choice.

Electric toothbrush

Main Advantages-

Vibrating and rotating movements

The main advantage of electric toothbrushes over ordinary toothbrushes is the lateral vibrating or rotating movements of the bristles. This feature allows more micro-movements and more effective removal of accumulated plaque on the teeth during the day.

Several studies have shown that after three months of use, electric toothbrushes not only reduce plaque by 21% more than hand brushes, but they also prevent gingivitis by 11%.

- They are suitable for people with limited mobility

In patients with limited mobility, electric toothbrushes are the easiest and most convenient way for them to maintain perfect oral hygiene, as they need to apply minimal effort and pressure when cleaning tooth surfaces.

- Built-in timer

The timer built into the electric toothbrush can help you brush your teeth long enough to make sure you take good care of your oral hygiene.

- Safety for gums and teeth

Higher grades of electric toothbrushes have built-in special features and sensors that will signal if you brush too aggressively or the pressure you use is inappropriate for your gums.

- Brushing your teeth as an experience

Brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush can certainly be an experience for both adults and children. Many manufacturers provide their users with specially developed applications through which, while brushing your teeth, you can keep track of which areas you have taken care of and which are to be cleaned.

All this aims to educate proper oral care and timely prevention to prevent mild and serious dental problems in the future.

- Less waste for the environment

As you know, toothbrushes need to be replaced with new ones over a period of time, no matter what kind they are. With electric toothbrushes, only the brush head is replaced, and the main body remains the same, unlike ordinary toothbrushes, which consist of one main body.

Main Disadvantages

- Price

Electric toothbrushes are much more expensive than manual ones. Prices range from BGN 30 to BGN 400 per brush, and replaceable heads are available in packs of several and usually cost between BGN 15 and BGN 70.

- Suitable head for the main body of the toothbrush

Finding the right spare heads for electric brushes is not always an easy endeavor, as not all physical stores for this type of goods offer them. We advise you to choose a reliable manufacturer whose products can be found easily.

- Special charge

Electric toothbrushes work with a special charger and it is necessary to monitor the decreasing charge of the brush and recharge it regularly so that it is always at your disposal.

Hand toothbrush

Main advantages:

- Availability

You can buy a hand-held toothbrush from almost any store on the market, and you don't need to charge it to make it work.

- Cheaper

Hand-held toothbrushes are extremely cost-effective. You can usually buy an effective hand toothbrush from BGN 2 to BGN 5.

- Possibility to clean the tongue

Bacteria live on the surface of the tongue no more than on your teeth, so it is important to clean it regularly. Most hand-held toothbrushes offer a suitable function, which makes them extremely convenient for users.

Main Disadvantages:

- Stronger brushing pressure

A number of studies have found that people are more likely to brush too hard if they use a hand-held toothbrush than those who use an electric one. Excessive brushing can damage gums and teeth.

- Lack of timer

When using a hand-held toothbrush, it is difficult to judge whether you are brushing each part of your teeth long enough.

- Static

Hand toothbrushes are static and it is up to you how you brush your teeth.

We mentioned at the beginning that the most important aspect of oral health is prevention, which consists in regular cleaning of tooth surfaces and the use of appropriate equipment.

Both electric and hand-held toothbrushes are effective enough if used properly and brushed long enough. If you can not cope with choosing the right toothbrush, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual needs and together choose the right toothpaste..

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