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Oral hygiene and tongue health

Why is it so important to clean your tongue?

A key component of your oral health is the health of your tongue. If your tongue has a color other than pink or does not have a smooth texture, this may be an indication of various oral or physical health problems that need to be investigated. How to avoid this and why is it important to take care of the health of the tongue? Read in our new article!

It is mistakenly believed that good oral health requires only dental care. This is far from the case, as excellent oral health goes hand in hand with regular care for other organs and systems in the human body. Such an organ is, for example, the tongue

The upper part of the tongue is embossed due to the taste buds, fissures and papillae located there. This leads to the retention of a large amount of plaque and bacteria, as 80% of the bacteria inhabiting the oral cavity are located on the tongue, especially in its back (root). If these deposits are not regularly cleaned and removed, it can lead to bad breath, high risk of caries, gingivitis and others.

What to use to clean your tongue?

To clean your tongue, you can use a toothbrush that has a tongue cleaning function (ribbing on the back of the brush) or a special tool called a scraper.

How to clean your tongue?

As we brush our teeth daily, so we need to clean our tongue every day. Use smooth back and forth movements, with light pressure (by no means aggressive). Try to pay special attention to the back of the tongue, as more bacteria stick there.

Once you have finished cleaning your tongue, you can use mouthwash.

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