Are dental implants painful?

During the procedure and the postoperative period?

Dental implants are the best alternative to replace a missing single tooth, several teeth, or all teeth. Unlike removable dentures and bridges, the dental implant protocol requires an operative procedure. Therefore, patients are often afraid of the pain they would experience during the procedure and the postoperative period. Is there cause for concern? Read in our next article.

During the manipulation of dental implants


Each surgical procedure begins with the placement of a certain type of anesthesia, tailored to the individual needs of the patient. This in turn means that the patient will not feel any discomfort during the procedure. You can only feel a slight sting when the anesthetic is given.

Anesthesia can be local, the standard anesthetic that anesthetizes the work area. And in patients with dental phobia, it can be applied, the so-called sedation - medical sleep. Thus, thanks to specific medications, during the procedure, the patient will be in a semi-awake state with mild amnesia and will not feel any pain at all. You can learn more about this method of anesthesia here.  

During the procedure, you are likely to feel a touch, pressure and a slight tingling sensation, but no pain.


The postoperative period after placement of dental implants


After completing the dental implant procedure, the anesthesia stops working and you may experience slight discomfort, which is a completely normal reaction of the human body. However, the discomfort can be easily removed with the appropriate painkillers. Your implantologist will also recommend antibiotics, which will help you further. Most patients with dental implants describe the pain after the procedures as less painful than when a tooth is extracted.

You can read more about what awaits you after the placement of dental implants here.

You may also hear of a "6-month healing period" after the implant treatment, but this does not mean that you will have pain. 6 months is the period for osseointegration of the implants, in which they merge (integrate) with the bone.

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