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How to choose the best specialist, that will perform your dental treatment?

What is essential to know when choosing a good implantologist?

You want to put yourself through dental Implantological treatment? How should you choose which implantologist to trust? In this article you will find out the indicators, which you need to keep an eye on, in order to make the best possible decision for you.

1- Experience and qualification of the implantologist

This undoubtedly is one of the most important points. We recommend you read this:

- How many dental implants has the dental specialist placed?
- How many years practice do they have in this sphere?
- What are the courses/degrees that they have passed in order to qualify for placing basal implants and who were they taught by (it is important to be taught by established teachers)?

2- Quality of materials

- What materials does the implantologist use?
- What implantological system have they used and what material is the dental implant made of?

3- Individual treatment approach towards each patient

Undoubtedly an important indication. The individual approach towards every patient, decided by the implantologist will be visible starting from the first consultation.
Require from the implantologist to inform you of the advantages regarding the implantological system they have chosen to work with. Have they worked with different implantological systems and why have they chosen this method? What is the protocol of completing the procedure? Require photo-documented clinical cases from past patients, that the implantologist has treated before.
Share everything which worries you to your implantologist, even if you consider it irrelevant, trust us- it is not. There are no silly questions. It is necessary for you to feel peaceful during and after the manipulation, knowing that you are in good hands.
It is also important, not to spare any information regarding any illnesses, which you have. Every detail is extremely important in deciding which treatment will be best in your case. If you would like to learn more about the different types of implantological systems, you can do this here:

4- The team that works with the implantologist

If someone claims, they can do everything- you are in the wrong place. The good dental implantologist, works with a good team, in which every individual has an important and responsible role. For the performance of the implantological treatment it is required to have a tight circle of specialized individuals- implantologist, oral surgeons, prosthetics specialist and in the case of patients who have chronical diseases- a good cardiologist and a specialist for internal diseases.

5- Guarantee and certificates of the implants

When performing this type of manipulation; placing dental implants, the patient cannot be sure, what type of implants are being placed, without having the necessary documentation, which certify the quality and the guarantee the implants provide. Therefore, you should not forget to demand such documents.

6- The ratings of the implantologist/ dental clinic in Google and the social media.

The ratings and the reviews in Google and Facebook for example, cannot be deleted or managed in any shape or form by the owner of the dental clinic. The only person that can change/edit, share or delete is the person that has written it. In order to find out whether a certain profile is real, you can check the activity they have as an internet user.
It will be good to ask from the implantologist, (who you deem as suitable to perform your treatment), to connect you with previous patients who have already been through the procedure of placing basal implants. You can do it on your own if you prefer, for example through Facebook via private message, with the patient who has left a comment in the section ‘review’ or a ‘comment’ under a post of the dental clinic.

7- How much will the whole treatment cost.

It is important to know, the full price concerning the manipulation of placing the dental basal implants, before starting the procedure, in order to be at full peace during the treatment. It is good to be aware of what is included in the package price (how many dental implants will be placed, how many crowns, what material they will be made out of, if extraction is necessary, is it included in the price etc.)
A conscientious implantologist will not take advantage of the patient’s unawareness, and add additional manipulations in the patient’s treatment plan, with aim of gaining personal rewards.
Of course, the list does not end with these seven points, but according to us, these are the most important points when it comes to choosing a good dental implantologist. Which is why, you should choose carefully.

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