Gingival smile

What is the solution?

Healthy gums are essential for the beauty of your smile. We can call a smile "gingival" if the proportion of gums that are displayed when smiling is about 3-4 mm in women and 2 mm in men. And also, when the teeth are covered with too much gingival tissue (gums), which makes them look short. What are the causes of this problem and is there a solution to it? Read in our new article.

Causes of gingival smile

There are several reasons for a gingival smile, but the most common are:

- Too short upper lip.

- Hyperactive upper lip, which is of normal length when the face is at rest (When smiling, the lip is raised too high and thus reveals much of the gum tissue.)

- Teeth that look short because they are covered with gingival tissue.

- Genetic predisposition.

- Gingival hypertrophy (too long or enlarged gums).

- Vertical maxillary excess (excessive growth of the upper jaw, which makes the gums protruding).


What is the treatment for a gingival smile?

There are several ways to treat a gingival smile, depending on the individual case of each patient. The purpose of all procedures is to achieve a harmonious smile.



Achieving an aesthetically perfect smile is possible after improving the appearance of the upper lip. Hyaluronic acid injections, which successfully add volume to the lips, are a widely used technique today to avoid over-displacing the gums when smiling.

Botox is applied when the upper lip is pulled up too much while you are smiling because thanks to botulinum toxin the excessive pulling of the muscles of the lips is prevented. In this way, only part of the gums is shown and a harmonious smile can be achieved.



This is the most common surgical procedure to treat a gingival smile. Gingivectomy is a routine procedure performed under local anesthesia to remove excess gum tissue covering the tooth. In this way, the crown of the tooth is lengthened, and the desired harmony is achieved.


Orthognathic surgery

When the cause of a gingival smile is an upper jaw being too long, it is possible to perform an operation known as orthognathic surgery.



Orthodontics is the easiest and most effective way to correct a gingival smile. It may take a little longer, but is much less aggressive to the gums, and even just placing the upper incisors in the correct position will be enough to change the position of the gums.

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