Expectations after a dental implant treatment

What will happen during and after the procedure of placing basal implants and how should you look after the permanent construction after the treatment?

One of the main goals of Dental Clinic NuriDent has always been to have a high awareness of our current and future patients. Which is why our daily blog article is connected to everything, that you may expect before, during and after one of the most common dental manipulations performed in Dental clinic NuriDent, that being placing basal dental implants.

Before placing dental implants procedure

A week before the procedure of placing basal implants, it is necessary to inform us if you have taken Aspirin or other medicaments, preventing blood clotting, to give you the needed instructions.
A day before the intervention DO NOT drink alcohol, coffee, black tea, and other energetic drinks, and in the day of the manipulation of placing basal implants, you should feed yourself well, due to a local anaesthesia being placed.

During the procedure of placing basal implants

For completing an implantological treatment of placing basal implants, there are two options:
1.For 3 days- in one visit to Bulgaria, if the jaws are completely toothless
2.For two visits to Bulgaria- placing temporary teeth after the first stage if your treatment plan includes extractions.

First Option (two visits to Sofia, needing to extract the non-prospective teeth)

1st visit to Sofia

1st day
- Orthopantomography (panoramic photo) and if necessary, three-dimensional tomography (3D scanner).
- Consultation with Dr Nuri and other specialists (if needed), appointing of additional tests (if needed) and summing up an individual treatment plan with signed informed consent.
- Consultation with a specialist cardiologist and internal medicine specialist, in which if you have the concomitant disease, you will be given premedication (regulating of blood pressure, heart rate, allergies, antibiotics and others.)
- Taking intraoral pictures.
- Placing local anaesthesia, aiming to numb the area of manipulation. Then we will move into extractions of all non-perspective teeth, placement of basal dental implants and making a control panoramic x-ray scan.
- Moving on to hard and soft tissue plastics around the implants and suture the wounds and take impressions of the dental implants to make temporary teeth, which will be sent to the dental laboratory of the clinic.
- Using special software, a design for the smile is made (Smile Design). Here you will have the opportunity to choose the shape, size, and colour of the teeth.
-After completing the operation, the treating doctor will prescribe medicaments.
2nd day
- Control check-up
3rd day
- Cementing the temporary teeth

Second visit to Sofia (after 3 months)

During your second visit to Sofia, on the first day, we will begin by placing the remaining basal implants, preplanned in your treatment plan, we will also take imprints for the permanent construction. The second day you will come for control check-up, the following day the permanent constructions will be placed.
before-after implan

The second option (one visit to Sofia for 3 days, for full extraction of all teeth)

The protocol for completing the procedure for placing basal implants is like the first option, which excludes the stages for extracting the unpromising teeth (due to patients’ complete tooth-lessness, also the soft and hard tissue plastics. The treatments will be in the space of 3 days, the 3rd day instead of temporary teeth, we will place permanent constructions.

Postoperative period after placement of basal implants

During the postoperative period, it is possible to have possible swelling, pressure and discomfort. This is a completely normal reaction the organism is having, which will naturally disappear. YOU SHOULD NOT smoke tobacco products (even if it is an electronic cigarette, hookah, pipe and bows) at least 7 days after the procedure. It is necessary to sleep on a high pillow, and to strictly intake the prescribed medication, to avoid sneezing and blowing of the nose, due to the pressure formed in the oral cavity and nasopharynx. Additionally, you should not suck around the wound and spit, as this will increase the bleeding. In the time frame of one week, we recommend you avoid physical loads and sudden movements.
After the procedure of placing basal implants, you should not intake any foods in the time frame of 2 hours. What you can intake after and what should you avoid 3 months after the procedure, learn more here. Try to chew equally and symmetrically on both sides.

Hygiene after placing basal implants

In the day of the operation, you should not brush your teeth or wash your mouth with tap water or mouthwash. Only the second day after the manipulation of placing the basal implants you can begin to wash your mouth with water or mouthwash and carefully start cleaning the implants and the teeth with the soft bristles of the toothbrush.
After cementing the permanent construction, clean the teeth with a toothbrush (medium to hard stiffs) with toothpaste, after every meal you should use the water-park 3-4 weeks after intervention.
After the manipulation of placing dental implants (around 6 months to 1 year), there are routine control check-ups and panoramic pictures that must be made.

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