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Your treatment duration at NuriDent

Dental implant surgery: The course of your treatment at the NuriDent Dental Clinic

Learn more about the duration and the individual phases of your future implantological treatment at the NuriDent Dental Clinic

You would like to undergo implantological treatment at the NuriDent dental clinic and wonder how it will be organised? Does the treatment take place in several separate phases or is only one visit necessary? In this article, you will find all the important information regarding the course of your treatment with dental implants in our dental clinic.

Before we go into detail about the individual stages of treatment with dental implants, it is important to mention again that we at the NuriDent Dental Clinic work with basal implants. This means that no matter whether a dental implant surgery with extractions is preplanned or not, it will be possible to do the whole treatment in a single visit. However, in the following article you will find out whether this is recommended in all cases:

Dental implant surgery with extractions:

Whenever tooth extractions are pre-planned before the dental implants are placed, we recommend splitting the treatment into two visits.
Why two visits and not just one?
After multiple tooth extractions, a natural process of remodeling of the soft and hard tissues begins. This process is most noticeable up to 3 months after the placement of dental implants. Basal implants are usually placed immediately after the tooth extractions, according to the protocol.
If the permanent crowns are cemented on the third day of treatment, before the expiration of the 3-month period, the soft and hard tissues will not be completely remodeled, and the crowns will not "lie" tightly on them, i.e. there will be a distance between the crowns and the gum.
On the one hand, food rests can penetrate and accumulate in that space, which in turn can lead to infections and complications. On the other hand, the result is not aesthetic, and we do not want to allow this to happen under any circumstances. For this reason, we always recommend to our patients to come to Sofia twice.
If the patients decide to come twice, during the first visit, temporary crowns made of photopolymer are cemented on the dental implants, not the final metal-ceramic crowns. After 3 months the patients return, and we place the metal-ceramic crowns on gums that have already receded and are no longer swollen. There is no longer a risk of the crowns and gums becoming separated.

Dental implant surgery without extraction:

If tooth extractions are not planned, then the whole implantological treatment is carried out in a single visit, without the need to return to Sofia after 3 months.
In this case, it does not matter whether it is a complete restoration of both jaws or a single restoration of one tooth, as long as more than 3 months have passed since the extraction of a tooth or teeth, you can have a completely new smile in 3 days.
If the teeth have already been removed and the necessary time has passed and the tissues are completely remodeled, this means that the permanent crowns can be cemented on the third day of the treatment and there is no need to wear temporary teeth for 3 months. The placement of basal implants is a minimally invasive procedure that does not injure the gums and does not cause swelling.
At the NuriDent Dental Clinic, we always give our patients the choice to decide on the course of their implant treatment themselves. In some cases, especially when extractions are planned, we always recommend that the treatment is carried out in two phases so that the gums can heal completely and there is no space between the crowns and the gums. However, this is only a recommendation, in the end, the decision is entirely up to you - our patients.

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