Dental implants

What questions to ask before the procedure?

Are you about to have dental implants? In our new blog article you can find some of the most important questions to explore before undergoing the procedure. Enjoy reading!

1. What implant system does the implantologist work with?

In order to have a successful manipulation of dental implants, it is extremely important to find a good dental implantologist who works with different types of implant systems. This will make you feel more confident that he knows their advantages and disadvantages and will choose the most appropriate dental implants in your particular case.


2. What is the experience of the specialist who will perform the procedure? 

We all know the maxim - "The more, the better!". The same goes for this type of procedure. The greater the experience of the implantologist, the greater the success rate. It is advisable to trust a specialized clinic, which deals mainly with the placement of dental implants.


3. Do dental implants have a certificate, warranty, or passport?

Dental implants are a very specific procedure and in most cases, the patient cannot determine which dental implants are being placed. To be sure what dental implants have been used for your treatment, request a document certifying their quality and origin. It is a good practice for the doctor to unpack the implants in front of you during the procedure.


4. What anesthetic will the doctor use during the procedure? 

Manipulation of dental implants can be performed with local anesthesia or sedation. Under local anesthesia, only the operative field is anesthetized, and with the sedation method (so-called medical sleep), with the help of specific medications, the patient is in a completely relaxed state. Sedation is recommended in patients with dental phobia.


5. How will the procedure go?

Most people are really afraid of the unknown. In case you are one of them, it is very important to ask for detailed information from your doctor about what awaits you during the procedure. This will make you much calmer and make sure that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


6. How long will the complete treatment with dental implants take?

Different implant systems also have different protocols for placing dental implants, and the duration of the whole process mainly depends on it. Two-part (classic dental implants) require a longer period of time (from 6 months to a year) to complete the entire treatment, compared to one-part implants (basal and compression) which can be loaded on the third day after the procedure.


7. What is the period for osseointegration of dental implants?

The process of osseointegration ("merging" of the implant) with the bone is also an important factor that directly determines when the dental implants can be loaded, and even more so what will be the duration of the implant treatment.


8. What material are dental implants made of?

None of the patients undergoing implant treatment would want to face complications such as allergic reactions or periimplantitis (implant rejection). This can happen if dental implants are made of poor-quality materials or those that are not biocompatible to the human body. Dental implants are usually made of titanium or zirconium.

The material from which dental implants are made of one of the most important criteria for successful implant treatment.


9. How is the postoperative period?

Like any manipulation, this one is characterized by a postoperative period. Ask your doctor how long your discomfort is expected to last and what medications you will be prescribed to avoid discomfort.


10. What is the final cost of dental implant treatment and what is included in it?

Most specialized clinics prepare package prices, especially for comprehensive implant treatments. Ask what exactly the price includes and whether you need to pay the exact advertised amount or it tends to increase.


11. How should you take care of dental implants and structures after the procedure?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your personal implantologist. Caring for good implants and well-made structures should not be much different from caring for natural teeth, so carefully consider all options for your implant treatment.


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