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Dental Implantological treatment in Sofia (1st stage)

Everything about dental tourism in Bulgaria

How to organize your travel to Sofia, where you should be accommodated and the attractions you can visit? When you hear the word ‘tourism’, you most likely image everything else, besides anything connected to dental services. For several years, however, a new type of tourism has emerged, which combines a pleasant holiday in a country with dental services, that supplies you with a harmonious and beautiful smile.

Why you should choose Bulgaria as a destination for dental tourism and how to successfully plan your trip, read in this new article.
In the last years, Bulgaria has turned into one of the most attractive dental tourism destinations (especially in placing dental implants), due to high-tech equipment, highly qualified dentist in dental medicine, low prices for high-quality dental services, modern hotels for accommodations, amazing Bulgarian nature, sea tourism and many other.

Bulgarian dentists are highly qualified, due to Bulgarian medical universities being some of the best in the world. The Bulgarian educational system is built in such a way that during their training, the future dentist is provided with constant practice with patients.
Dental clinics in Bulgaria work with the latest equipment and using materials and medicine, made by world-famous brands for dental care.
Foreign citizens can use any type of dental services- placing dental implants, aesthetical dentistry, caries and prevention, orthodontic treatment, dental prosthetics, oral surgery, periodontology.

Why the prices of dental services in Bulgaria are lower in comparison to countries in Europe?

In Bulgaria, you can save between 50% - 70% of the price for dental treatment, in comparison to Canada and the United Kingdom, because it is lower in quality. Many people make the false conclusion that the health system is cheaper in Bulgaria because the quality is lower. These differences are due to the different living standards in the countries, and not from the low-quality level of service. Dental care in Bulgaria is not only cheap for Bulgarians but also one of the cheapest in the European Union.

Why you should complete your treatment in Dental Clinic NuriDent?

Dental Implantological center NuriDent is one of the most successful centers in Europe, specializing in immediate dental implantology.
Dr S. M. Nuri, our chief implantologists and founder of International Dental Implant Center NuriDent, has over 20 years of experience in the sphere of dental implantology in placing over 30 000 dental implants, and he is also one of the founders of the latest implantological dental systems- BasalFix.
Dr Nuri is a lector for basal implantology and twice has received a master’s degree in the same field. More about Dr Nuri and his team of specialist you can find out here
In Nurident, besides good specialist in every sphere of dental medicine, we also have a cardiologist, who specializes in internal medicine and anesthesiology. For the maximum comfort of our patients, we provide a team of translators who speak 12 international languages. They will assist you with the organization of your travel to Sofia and they will be with you during the whole treatment.
We will assist you with the reservation of the appropriate flight ticket, also with hotels. The average price for a two-way flight ticket to Sofia, Bulgaria is around 100€, and the average value of the price, which is necessary to pay for a night’s stay in a hotel is 30 € - 120 € for a single room and 40 € - 140 € for a double room.
Dental clinic Nurident is in the centre of city Sofia, neighbourhood Lozenec, street Zlatovruh 52. Around us, there is enough variety of accommodation to chose from, with our help or without it, however with our assistance you can take advantage of the preferential discounts of the hotels which we work with.
NuriDent offers free transport from airport Sofia to the hotel of your choice, and from the hotel to our clinic.
In the second part of this blog, we will introduce you to beautiful attractions, which you can go and enjoy when sightseeing in Sofia, additionally we will provide you with a list of hotels, that you can trust and enjoy during your stay. You can expect from us next Wednesday.

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