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Dental Implants or dentures

Dental Implants or dentures-What should we choose?

How important is the role of the smile?

In which aspects is the smile important- just for an aesthetic point of view or from a health point of view? Loss of a tooth or more than one tooth, or all teeth can lead to many different consequences- aesthetic, but mostly physiological. What can you do, to enjoy your wonderful smile? Modern dentistry offers two options, in which you can restore your smile- removable dentures or dental implants. Which option should you choose?

Bone Density 

In the upper and lower jaw, the teeth are surrounded by a bone (alveolar bone), the volume and density directly determine the presence of teeth in the mouth. Whenever the teeth are unfavorable it is necessary for them to be extracted, after extraction, this lowers the volume and density up to 25% in the first 6 months and up to 40% in the first year. After that, the process of ‘fusion’ of the bone continues, but with a slower pace. 

To stop this process, it is necessary for the organism to be ‘tricked’, that in the bone there are tooth roots and because of this reason we place dental implants. 

Removable dentures do not stop the physiological process of bone atrophy. In such a situation the structure of the whole face changes. It may drop a little, the chin may shift forward, the tongue will need to become more active in the chewing and processing of the food. The tone of the face muscles lowers, the nasolabial folds deepen, the ends of the mouth begin to flop because there is lowering in the height of the lower third of the face etc. 

Removable dentures frequently fall from the oral cavity and they cannot be attached to the jaw, no matter the different fixating creams the patient tries to apply. However, with dental implants not only are they protected from falling off, butthis additionally hinders the process of physiological bone atrophy. 

After placing the dental implants, bone atrophy is much less. The other advantages of having dental implant treatment is thatthe muscle toning is left unchanged, leaving the face look aesthetic. The patient talks normally, without having a lisp and his chewing activity is the same as with natural teeth. 

Expiry Date 

Which method last longer- removable dentures or dental implants?

Studies show- partial or complete removable dentures can serve the patient up to 4 years, and only 35% of them remain functional 10 years after their production. They are a preferred option, when classical dental implants cannot be placed, this can happen when there is a small amount of bone present. However, there are now basal implants which exist, that can be placed on patients who suffer from severe bone atrophy.

Additionally, whenever the patient is with removable dentures, especially a partial removable denture, it is important to keep an eye for gingival bleeding, increased plaque retention and motility of teeth, they be can burdened with hooks or other retention elements. In a period of 10 years in 44% of the cases, these teeth are lost.


The price of implantology treatment varies depending on how many dental implants are necessary for implantologyand the quality of the implants.

In the case of full treatment of both jaws, in dental clinic NURIDENT the price can vary from 8 000lv to 14 000lv per jaw, this price includes all the necessary manipulations required during the treatment. 


Removable dentures

Non- removable constructions on dental implants

Can they fall from the oral cavity?

Yes, even if the patient puts fixating cream on the, there is still motility. 

No, the dental implants are placed deep into the bone and cannot fall, the construction is cemented permanently over it

Do they cause irritation on the gums?

Yes, sometimes this can be possible due to the fact they move when the jaw moves.

No, they are precisely placed over the dental implants. 

Does the patient easily adapt?

Removable dentures are bigger in comparison with those which are cemented on to the dental implants which can be harder for the patient to adapt to.

In the first couple of hours, the patient adapts with their new smile and the teeth feel natural, due to the fact the construction is smaller (there is a small part missing from the palate, which is present with removable dentures).

Is surgery necessary?


Yes. Manipulations in placing dental implants are painless, due to the fact they are performed with local anaesthesia.

Does the patient need to be careful what food they consume?


No. After 3-6 months the patient can eat whatever they wish.

Does the material by which the implants are made of, cause any infection or irritation in the patient?

In some cases.

No. The dental implants and the constructions have a prosthetic placed on them, which is made of biocompatible materials.

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