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Implant or bridge- which should I chose?


Implant or bridge? What are dental implants? What are bridges? Which should I choose? In this article, we will introduce you to the main advantages and disadvantages linked to this question.

It has become a frequent practice that past and future patients ask us regarding this, therefore, we decided to write an article concerning this question; we will describe the advantages and disadvantages of implants and bridges. Helping you choose the best option.
What are implants and bridges- replacing the missing tooth? But how?
With implantology treatment, the root of the missing tooth (or the extracted tooth) is replaced with an implant, made by titanium alloy (biocompatible material), on top of it (after the placement) we place a prosthetic with a dental crown on it.
With treatment that will use bridges, the missing tooth or teeth are replaced with a crown or crowns, which are part of the bridge construction (the construction can be made of two or more crowns). For example, if you are missing one tooth construction is made which has three crowns, they are then supported by the neighbouring teeth, and the middle crown is placed where the missing tooth was.
Here comes the disadvantage of bridges. If the neighbouring supportive teeth are healthy, in all cases it is necessary that they are filed down, to place the crowns on top of them, due to the ‘carrying’ the construction. Following this, the healthy teeth can develop dental diseases (caused by the heavy masticatory load from the missing tooth), but with a basal implant, this can be prevented. Why? Like we mentioned, the implant is placed where the missing tooth was, and on top of it, we place a crown. The implant ‘carries’ the individual crown and it is not needed to construct two additional crowns, that need to be supported by the neighbouring teeth.
If you have a loss of a tooth, a natural process begins to start which causes the bone to melt. In the place of the extracted tooth, we place an implant, the implant will ‘trick’ the organism into thinking that there is a tooth there, which will slow down the process down, until it stops. The tooth implant protects the bone from deformation. When placing the bridge, the melting of the bone cannot be avoided, due to the tooth being replaced with a crown instead of an implant.
The only disadvantage of the implants is the high price, in compassion to the bridges. But if we are talking about an individual implant, the full price of this service will be nearly the same as the service of placing the bridge construction.
These are the main advantages and disadvantages; the decision is completely yours. We recommend you trust the specialist, who will take into consideration your individual case.

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