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Crowns and dental implants

What type of crowns to choose?

The placement of a dental crown is the last phase of the treatment with dental implants. There are different types of crowns, but which one is the best choice for prosthetics on dental implants? Find the answer in our new article.

Types of dental crowns:

In general, there are two different categories of dental crowns: according to the material of manufacture and the operating time:

- According to the material of manufacture

* Metal-ceramic crown (combination of metal and ceramic)

The metal-ceramic crown is a good choice for severely damaged teeth. The inner part of the crown consists of a metal cap on which ceramic is applied in layers. The connection between the ceramic and the metal alloy is chemical, which provides exceptional strength.

* Fully ceramic crown CAD / CAM

All-ceramic crowns are made mainly by two methods - layer-by-layer application or pressing. In the first technique (layer-by-layer application) - the ceramics are applied in separate layers, as the base is made of more stable ceramics, and the upper layers provide the aesthetics. In the second method (by pressing) - the ceramic is baked at once, which provides exceptional strength.

* Zirconium crowns

Zirconium is a natural material. In the dentistry it is used to produce dental crowns, which are characterized by exceptional strength, aesthetics and abrasion resistance.

- According to the operating time

* Permanent dental crowns

They are used for permanent prosthetics on dental implants or natural teeth and with proper patient care do not need to be replaced with new ones.

* Temporary dental crowns

In some cases, before fixing the permanent crowns on the implants, for a certain period of time, the patient has to have temporary crowns placed, which are then replaced with permanent ones.

The best crowns for dental implants

The most suitable crowns for prosthetics on dental implants are metal-ceramic crowns, whose metal is machine-made with a laser and layer-by-layer ceramic.

Why choose metal-ceramic crowns on dental implants?

- They are highly aesthetic

- Greater strength and resistance on dental implants compared to zirconium crowns.

- In full mouth reconstructions with dental implants on both jaws, they provide good arch stabilization and thus prolong the life of implants and structures. This is due to the elasticity of the metal, which for example is lacking in zirconium.

Dental crowns care

Care of temporary dental crowns -

- Avoid sticky, chewy foods (chewing gum, caramel)

- Avoid chewing solid foods (raw vegetables) that can displace or break the crown.

- Avoid biting of foods if this affects the temporary crown (s).

- Clean extremely carefully without much pressure so as not to peel off or damage the dental crown.

Care for permanent crowns on dental implants -

Caring for permanent crowns prosthetics on dental implants is like natural teeth. You need to clean them twice a day with a suitable brush and toothpaste. It is recommended to use an intraoral shower.

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