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Dr. S.M. NURI is the founder, owner and manager of the NURIDENT Dental Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria. Dr. Nuri has graduated and holds a master’s degree in dentistry from the Medical University in 1999 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He is a member of the Bulgarian Dental Association and the Bulgarian Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Nuri has over 18 years of private practice in his own clinic and specializes in classical and basal implantology as well as denture prosthesis. He has won the trust of many patients from all over the world. So far he has put more than 10,000 dental implants.

Dr. Nuri participates in several symposiums and dental congresses in Bulgaria and abroad and acquires professional qualifications in:

1. Basal Implantology

– Master in immediate basal dental implantology (IF International Implant Foundation – Munich, Germany)

– Basal Implantology and Immediate Load

– Principles of basal osseointegration, surgery and prosthesis, treatment plan

– Practical courses for live placement of basal implants

2. Classical Implantology

– Basic and complex implantology therapy (Straumann – Switzerland)

Advanced courses in implantology, sinus lift and augmentation

– Neo-Biotech (Dr. Yang Ku Heo – South Korea)

– Other types of implantology systems

3. Orthodontics


-Ortho – T

-Clear Align

4. Plastic dentistry

– Plasmolifting in dentistry

– Plasmolifting in cosmetology and trichology

5. Cosmetic dentistry

– The art and science of direct composite restorations (Cosmident)

– Revolution in cosmetic dentistry (CAD / CAM)

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