Teeth Whitening with NURIDENT

Teeth whitening, as a cosmetic procedure, is part of the modern aesthetic dentistry. Modern dental whitening systems are basically two types: for office whitening and for home whitening. They contain, as the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide or urea peroxide. In the absence of contraindications or any limitations for the best and lasting results, the combination of the two methods (office with subsequent home teeth whitening) is preferable.
Professional teeth whitening:
Prior to whitening, professional dental cleaning is performed with ultrasound and polishing, because the whitening gel works only on clean tooth surfaces. It is desirable that the two procedures be made in two different visits. Office teeth whitening is the quickest way to whiten your teeth and ensures best results within one hour. The procedure involves placing a gingival barrier and a whitening gel on the teeth that is activated by a LED lamp. Nurident has the latest ‘’Beyond Polus’’ light that emits blue LED light. There is a whitening of 5 to 15 shades on the Vita scale, and the procedure is harmless and painless.’’ Beyond Polus’’ is declared the best professional bleaching system for 2012!
At our clinic, we use the ‘’AXIS-PURE’’ Swiss bleaching gel for professional teeth whitening. The product is certified by ISO, CE and World Medical Certificates. ‘’PURE’’ is a non-invasive method without any risk. At the end of the procedure, remineralizing fluorescent foam is applied to the teeth to stabilize the color and reduce the potential for hypersensitivity during bleaching. The durability of the effect depends on the oral hygiene and on the eating habits of each individual. Repeating the procedure every 2 years allows the result to be maintained.
Home teeth whitening systems:
Domestic teeth whitening systems are applied to specially designed polyethylene dental splints that the patient wears at home during the day or at night. For the production of the dental bleaching splint, an impression is taken from your teeth, and individual dental splints are produced from the cast gypsum models. Before the home bleaching procedure, the teeth are washed with toothbrush and toothpaste and then cleaned with interdental floss to remove the plaque. The bleaching gel is applied in a thin layer over the vestibular surface of the dental splint. For home whitening, the whitening gel has an active ingredient with a lower concentration compared to the one used for office teeth whitening.